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villainess_soap's Journal

Soaps, Smooches, Swag and Mud!
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Welcome to the UNOFFICIAL Villainess.net Community

This is a place for Villainess newbies and fanatics alike! It is a place for comments, questions, concerns, experiences, Villainess stash porn, advice and general discussion of Villainess and her products.


* Please refrain from selling or swapping your Villainess products.
If you would like to do so, please do it privately and not in this community.

* Please welcome newbies with open arms! The more the merrier; this is a place for welcoming and sharing, not for drama or petty arguments.

* If you are posting any photos that are larger than 200 x 200 pixels, please post them behind a LJ-CUT. If you need help posting photos, or with a LJ-CUT please see the LJ FAQ

* Please keep this community on topic. This means: keep your discussions mostly to the topic of Villainess!

* Lastly, please take advantage of our tags! If a tag does not exist give me a shout and I'll create one!

You can reach me, your moderator missus at: miz_persnicket@livejournal.com