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Athanasaurus Rex [userpic]
Promo from Brooke!
by Athanasaurus Rex (miz_persnicket)
at March 19th, 2008 (08:57 am)

From her newsletter:


This afternoon I announce the 3rd in Villainess's very limited history of sales. The discount code is CLOSEOUT20 - when you're shopping, before you check out, plug that in the Discount Coupon field and it'll take 20% off your Entire. Order. Seriously.

So, what's prompted this sale of massive proportions? And "closeout" I say? What, am I trying to create a panicked riot? So sorry to alarm you! We are staging a facelift here at Villainess, and before I can dazzle you with our fabulous new packaging, I need to clear the decks shelves. Now is an excellent chance to try things you've been interested in but hesitant about, to stock up on a favourite item, or for newbies to test the waters. Some things (but not many) are out of stock and will remain so until we unveil the new look.

A much requested item - Grampa Joe Whipped! has been added to round out the collection of Smooch! and Soap. Layer to your heart's content now!

And a plug! Sihaya Designs. You might have already received a small ad for my new favourite jeweler in your Villainess package, but I wanted to take a moment to properly pimp her work. Chris dabbles in a really lovely array of metals (love!), glass, gemstones and unexpected baubles. Perfectly balanced pieces, with eclectic touches and classic Virgo elegance. The Gunmetal Valentine Earrings made their way to me and I've scarcely left my ears since!

Hope you all enjoy!