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Athanasaurus Rex [userpic]
by Athanasaurus Rex (miz_persnicket)
at September 26th, 2007 (01:25 pm)

I just want to say to Brooke that your smooches are effing amazing. Seriously. I love your soap, but it takes me forever to use it and I have way too much to know what to do with. My skin has been annoyed lately, and has been bumpy so I got some smooches to see if it will exfoliate my skin.

Holy crap. Your smooches smell AMAZING. I tried some of the DeF on my hand it I am just sitting here smelling it like some weirdo. You should just make smooches, lots and lots of smooches!

If it weren't for the new lush retro stuff going on, I would make another order asap, but I will have to wait a month or so.

Anyways, my recommendation is for everyone to go out and buy some smooches and have a giant smooch party!

Suggestion? Brooke, please make a Canaan smooch and my life will be complete!



Posted by: I like what I like. (aktdeco)
Posted at: September 26th, 2007 11:22 pm (UTC)

Quit it Athanasia! Damn...my soap buying obsession needs to stop...it's killing me. I have so much stockpiled, yet I NEED these new Villainess items.

Posted by: Athanasaurus Rex (miz_persnicket)
Posted at: October 16th, 2007 12:10 am (UTC)


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