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Athanasaurus Rex [userpic]
The latest dirt on Villainess!
by Athanasaurus Rex (miz_persnicket)
at September 25th, 2007 (04:03 pm)

Here is the latest in Brooke's Villainess email updates. If you don't get them, sign up!

Hey guys!

I am very pleased to announce an update that most of you have been petitioning for a long time. It is a veritable Sugar Buzz update of d00m. For those of you new to Villainess, Sugar Buzz is a totallly overloaded composite of cotton candy, maraschino cherries, berries, and vanilla (mostly). It's delightful! So to completely satisfy your sweet tooth, we offer the original Sugar Buzz Soap, the all new Whipped!, and a revisited Smooch!. Now, last time we made Sugar Buzz Smooch! we managed a lovely snap, crackle, and pop effect when water activated. Due to a disheartening supply unavailability, this year's version lacks a certain... effervescence. Anyways! What it lacks in snap it makes up for in pinkness. And dude, this one is so sweet that even smelling it makes my blood sugar want to spike and crash.

While we're on the subject of pinkness, I should go ahead and introduce the rainbow/glitter/sparkles. Our new Unicorn Poo soap smells of marshmallows and is covered in rainbows. Srsly. This is a new Villainess dalliance in whipped soap. The texture is very light and fluffy, each piece is hand-piped (like a vast batch of icing) and I'm super-pleased with the overall quality of the soap.

We've also done soaps in 3 new fragrances:

Jai Mahal - A lesser palace infused with the sweet scent of victory. 4 rich vanillas and tonka, Mysore sandalwood, bourbon and coconut. Expensive woods, incense and imported spices - cedar, amber, myrrh, cardamom and nutmeg. Despite all the vanilla and spices in this blend, it is neither sweet nor spicy. This is a very rich, smooth concoction - it's resinous, and very deeply, quietly spiced. This is a slightly pre-emptive release, I haven't had a chance to get a second batch made, so this one might disappear fast. It will definitely be back though because I need to stash a few bars.

Deferential - A perfectly respectable men's cologne built on unassuming basenotes of amber and vanilla musk, cedarwood and sandalwood, leather, vetiver, and oakmoss. A touch of citrus for interest - bergamot, lemon, orange, verbena, lime and mandarin - and a forgettable smattering of violets and lavender. Because I've been reading entirely too much of T.S. Eliot's maladjusted poetry. This one has bits of rough citrus peel to convey an existential sense of discomfort (i.e. - might want to use a pouff w/ this one!).

Trauma - Ripe peaches dripping with dragon’s blood, against a sweet skin-scent of Egyptian musk, amber and myrrh. This one has been on my mind ever since summer's peaches from the produce stand. I wanted to capture, not just the ripe, sweetness of a perfect peach, but the soft texture of peach fuzz, and the visual impact of a blushing coral stained peach pit.

We've pimped out the regular line a bit as well. Crushed Smooch! has made a return and is incredible. It's all brown sugar and raspberry and... just. like. cake batter. My production staff complained the entire time they were making this one. Apparently it's like taunting someone w/ candy and never feeding them? I'm assuming this all points to a wonderful scrub. Also, the Smooch! Pak makes a triumphant, non-leaky return. Excellent for gifting. And finally, we now offer a seaweedy, algae-riffic Pearl Diver Mud!. It's probably my favourite mud to-date.

As for our winter plans? Expect to hear from us again in early November. We're pulling out all the stops to make your gift-giving absolutely sensational.

So before I run off to watch Heroes I need to rave about my new Gearrings. I believe my penchant for mixed metals and industrial bits in my jewelry has been mentioned before, so I won't belabour the point. But I LOVE these! They are 4 different metals in one piece of jewelry, and absolutely gorgeous. Find the wonderful/talented Ratchet at Wane & Waste or on Etsy.

Take care my bath & body addicts fans!